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adi_30stm 03-02-2013 10:51 PM

creating LFS live usb
Hi Everyone,

I had question related to LFS and Live USB. I have succesfully created my LFS and made it customed to my requirements. But I wanted to know how can I create a Live USB of it or boot it from a USB incase of a system crash or if I want to import to another machine. Yes I know there various software available for doing this but I wanted to do it manually so I could learn in the process how exactly a live usb and back up works on linux. So anyone please have a clue of how is it possible please let me know.

Thank You

a31amit 03-03-2013 12:49 AM

removable media works exactly as disk drive in linux, so you need to install grub on USB Drive and make a copy of all files and directories to USB drive including drivers and modules. Also you need to make sure about disk label's and provide the UUID or disk lable entries into fstab file.

spiky0011 03-03-2013 03:02 AM


Making a live bootable usb is not easy not sure if possible. What I do when I have built my system is to.

1 Shrink the partition as small as it will go ( I use gparted from a live cd)
After shrinking you can resize partition back.

2 I then use the DD command to copy the partition to where ever I want to save it And compress it with Gzip.

I can then if I need to just Unzip, DD back to any partition.

If you want to put it on another machine the problem is
The architecture 32 bit or 64 bit, and different drivers setup in Kernel. Also grub.cfg and fstab needs to be edited, if partition setup is different.

Think I have covered all

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