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CragStar 04-27-2002 08:17 AM

Cannot view webpages
Having successfully connected to the net, and managing to install mozilla, I am unable to view webpages. I have tried running my audiogalaxy client, which works, but I cannot view any pages. I just get the error unable open <webpage>.

I think I am missing some packages that I should have installed. I went through the BLFS book (latest cvs) and just installed:


Does DHCP need to be installed for basic internet access.

Another thing, i did configure LFS for using a network card, yet that is not set-up yet. Could that be a problem?

lfslinux 04-27-2002 10:10 PM

try to ping an ip address (try which is

If you can ping it, then you probably don't have the /etc/resolv.conf file which tells Glibc what DNS servers to contact to do name->ip resolution.

The format of /etc/resolv.conf is for example:

you can have up to three nameserver entries.

CragStar 04-28-2002 04:51 PM

Permission to kick me up the backside. :)

I had created a /etc/resolv.conf file, yet not with the correct format. I missed out the nameserver bit before the IP address. Thanks, but I feel totally like a fool. :rolleyes:

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