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Dark_Helmet 06-08-2003 01:33 AM

Can I apply ALL patches all the time?
I'm writing a script to automate the process of an LFS install, and I believe this is my last hurdle (see Is anyone else installing LFS with shell scripts)

Is it possible to apply all patches for a given every package in both static and shared compile? I'm hoping the answer is "it won't hurt anything", but fear it will be "no, there are some changes made in the static version that should only be used for static linking".

It would make life a lot easier if I could apply them all, but when was the last time life was easy?

unSpawn 06-08-2003 07:42 AM

AFAIK it wont hurt a bit. I can't remember patching something that affected compiling, other than caused by my own requirements.
But then again I'm not running LFS, so YMMV.

Dark_Helmet 06-08-2003 11:21 AM

Well, I made an executive decision. I realized when I was asking "can I apply ALL of them ALL of the time" I was really asking, "can I be lazy". So, I decided to change things in the script and implement applying patches in a way similar to how I set up compiling the packages themselves. It's a better implementation, and follows the book much more faithfully. Which is, of course, the main goal.

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