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z3r0star21 11-04-2005 04:08 PM

Building an LFS system from another system
What would be a good distro to build my lfs system from?

any suggestions would be apreciated.

Thank you.

Seph64 11-04-2005 04:19 PM

I believe all the things you need to build a LFS system is on the LFS LiveCD (it even has xorg installed, along with firefox so things can go rather painless), it also includes the manual along with the essential packages.

NCappaZoo 11-04-2005 11:51 PM

Yeah your best bet is the lfs cd.... it has exactly every dependency you will need and you will be less likey to corrupt your new system with another distro.

linux=future 11-06-2005 08:12 PM

I have a similar problem, but i can't use the livecd. The computer, quite simply, can't handle it. A 450 mhz PII with 128 mb ram. The only live cds that I can run on it are console only. Also, they usually only leave about 30mb of ram. The computer just dies about a minute into compiling, either that or the processor is just taking waaaay too long. I did set up swap space and it did use it, but didn't help all that much.
My question is this: is there any problem with taking out its hard drive, putting it in another machine, and then putting all the compiled files on that hard drive? I actually already removed the disk in a fit of rage, but I don't know if this idea will work. Both of the systems are i386.

freakyg 11-06-2005 11:42 PM

Re: Building an LFS system from another system

Originally posted by z3r0star21
What would be a good distro to build my lfs system from?

I had no problems building LFS 6.1 from the liveCD OR from Slackware 10.2 --( of course the kernel has to be upgraded )

z3r0star21 11-07-2005 05:30 PM

I am using Slackware 10.2 to try and build a lfs system. What kernel version do i need to upgrade to?

Jamster 11-08-2005 03:13 AM

I personally built my LFS quite successfully in Knoppix :)

of course the box couldn't be turned off over one night, but it was worth it.

The reason I used Knoppix was the lack of an avaible harddisk, so I wiped the current System I had installed, and built the LFS into that space.

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