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currir55 11-13-2005 10:11 AM

Building 64bit LFS
Hi, I have built LFS before quite a few times since LFS 4.1.

Checking the main website LFS has only cross builds from native host systems, i.e. 32bit x86, this method of building LFS requires using a cross compiler, and breaks the Bootloaders.

I am going to try and build a System on a 64bit Laptop, does anyone know if bootloaders should work correctly when built from within an x86_64 host, to a x86_64 LFS.

(I assume that they would work as the problem probably lies on the use of "--host=****" tags)

I am assuming that all of the other core packages do but I would like to be able to boot into my System instead of 'chroot'ing into it.

(Sorry If this question has been answeared before but I have read many different things relating to LFS and none of them seem to say either way)

tooly 11-15-2005 03:47 PM

Hi currir55,

when you build an multilib lfs you can aso build grub, in pure64 you has an problem with grub. Take a look at :
He explain how he install lilo.


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