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twantrd 09-22-2004 12:38 PM

Slow authentication

I have installed RHAS 3.0 on 4 machines and when I ssh into them and log in (supplying my username and password), it takes a long time (a good 5 seconds) before I am able to see the prompt. This happens on all 4 machines I have built. Has anyone noticed this too? Is there something I can do to eliminate this long latency? Thanks!


win32sux 09-22-2004 12:59 PM

i think you either need to make sure that the dns servers the boxes with the ssh daemons are using are fine, or use this line in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file of the servers:


UseDNS no

twantrd 09-22-2004 06:20 PM

Thanks! That worked. However, why would DNS have an affect on login authentication? That makes me perplexed. Can you explain? Thanks!


chort 09-23-2004 12:21 AM

Because UseDNS causes sshd to attempt a reverse DNS lookup of every IP that initiats a connection. You didn't have PTR entries for the IPs you were connecting with. The delay was caused by the DNS lookup being performed and timing out.

twantrd 09-23-2004 02:29 AM

Ahhhhh! Thank you very much!


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