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dramous43 01-22-2010 02:53 PM

setting up apache from scratch on a linux machine, apache failed message upon bootup
here are my specs and equipment i am working with:
cisco wireless router
proliant server running redhat linux 3,apache 2.0

the problem:
i recently registered a domain name, and i want to put this domain on my server, but i am not sure where to apply public ip values, and private ip values which i received from my internet provider. i tried to do it myself, and my httpd keep saying failed. I did not change value in the apache config file, but i did use the gui tool for network to put in value for server name which is, and input the the dns values for my internet provider. now when it ask for my static info, i am not sure what values go here, my public ip address info are private ip info. i tried both and i seemly cannot get the apache to start.. so please help. i checked my error log for the apache and found that the domain name is not assocated with a valid ip address. i need some help to understand what i need to do to resolve this issue..

i need someone to walk me through the setup process to make sure my values are used correctly

twk 01-26-2010 01:46 AM

Did you setup your DNS for your newly purchased domain?

phlyer 01-26-2010 08:53 AM

alright, I got a similar setup

- DSL modem/router
- LAMP box running my web-server

and it all works like a charm

the IP address I get from my ISP is assigned to my DSL/modem router

the LAMP box is running on a 198.168.x.x IP address
Apache is listening on port 80 on that address

in order to make the web server visible from the outside, I changed
the DSL modem/router firewall's forwarding configuration.
There I have the incoming port 80 forwarded to my LAMP box's IP address.

What IP address are you using in your httpd.conf ?

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