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fireman949 10-19-2005 10:28 PM

RHEL3 member server for MS Roaming Profiles/Home in AD environment - will this work?
This is more of a 'will it work' than a how do I, although if anyone has a good tutorial, I would not be mad if you posted it.

The situation currently is an older Windows 2000 Server that is functions soley as a member server where 12 or so Windows XP users store their roaming profiles and home directories. It is only a member server. Active Directory servers are handled by another group.

I would like to replace it with a RHEL 3 (or 4) box, but before I jump in head first, the question is - will it work.

The box would have to join to the domain and provide secure storage for each users home directory and roaming profile. No users would need to login directly to the box, just the Samba share to provide any number of public and private/profile shares.

Nothing can be changed on the Active Directory Windows Servers.

The best tutorial I found so far is the Wlug site.

paul_mat 10-20-2005 01:20 AM

by member server, i'm guessing you mean file server.

yes, RHEL\samba can act as a file server for windows with the same password/usernames as ADS.

now, i know it can be done, but i've never actually done it myself. although i can give you some help on the how-to join the domain part of the question.

i've configured my pop3 e-mail server (RHEL 4) to Authentication against Active Directories using winbind and i've made a how-to guide that i've posted on my local lug website that might be able to help you out.

also another thing i've been working on is a script to join a linux machine to an active directory domain.

it can be found on the same website. if you do decide to grab an old machine and give it a test run, tell me how it went, i'm looking for feed back on the scripts.

hope this helps

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