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syam_hundi 02-27-2007 10:35 PM

Redhat cluster suite
I am trying to design a HA solution using the Redhat linux cluster suite. I am kinda lost in the knowledgebase. I would appreciate if some one can answer my queries.

- What is the difference between cluster suite and Virtual Linux Server?
- What is a cluster manager?Is this the same as Cluster suite?
- Can I implement a server cluster using cluster suite without having a shared external disk if the services do not need to share the data?
- If I want to use load balancing , then I understand VLS is the solution. Can I acheive HA with VLS too? Do I need to use both the softwares if I want to acheive HA coupled with Load balancing?
- If I need to use VLs, then do I need to install that on a separate machine?

- Can some one guide me the minimum hardware requirement for the cluster suite?

your answers would be highly appreciated.


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