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Superfrk 06-26-2004 01:42 PM

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 web server?
I am thinking of setting up a web server using RHE 3, but am new to linux for the most part. I currently use windows 2000 server for my websites but I need a linux box for a dating site I am setting up that uses cgi and perl scripts.
Here is the question,
How hard would it be to set up the box running lampp and also is there any open source control pannels simular to cpanel or plesk that could be recommended.

I am not planning to host any sites for others just need an easy to use interface for running multiple sites that makes installing and configuring the scripts a little easier.

Thanks for any help or suggestions that you can offer.

chort 06-27-2004 01:11 AM

First off, dispite the fact that you're using RH Enterprise, this doesn't really seem to be a question about using Linux in an enterprise-class business. Please read the stickied post at the top of this forum to see what type of questions are appropriate for this forum (i.e. this probably should have been started in Networking instead). That being said, I think I'll leave it here for the time being until I see which direction the thread goes.

LAMP configurations are very easy to get installed. Just the fact that you know the acronym means you must have some idea what it's all about. There are probably hundreds of HOW-TOs indexed by Google, so you should check there first.

As for control panels, I'm not aware if there's anything like cpanel. Have you seen Webmin before? It's not the same type of thing you're asking for, but it's basically a web control panel to administer the box with. I'm not sure what your requirements are exactly (since you said you won't be hosting other users).

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