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dlugasx 01-26-2011 12:46 PM

Red Hat 5 - HPC - services
Hi Gurus,

I have a question concerning High Performance Computing. What kind of services may I run on RedHat HPC Cluster ? Is it possible to run 3D software for example Autodesk Maya and use power which giving cluster ? Or should I have special prepared applications which could run with software.

I have read that Red Hat HPC Cluster is transparent, so user will not see if he working on cluster or not. So if for example I will start my 3D software (Maya), does it mean that Maya will use all CPU`s and all memory which is configured in the cluster ?

What kind of software may I run on RH HPCCluster ? Could You please put here some names ?

I`m looking for a solution to build HPC cluster which can run 3D software like Autodesk Maya. Could You please suggest something ?



dlugasx 01-26-2011 01:00 PM

I dont know if good understand Red Hat High Performance Computing... I would like to know what kind of software may I start on such a cluster ? Each software which will run on linux or special prepared for cluster ?

prodev05 01-27-2011 01:23 AM

If your graphics software support Linux Installation, then for sure we can do HPC. Especially for rendering you are asking, I believe!!!

Software such as Mentalray, Renderman can be run under HPC.

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