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chort 06-10-2004 05:55 PM

Read This Before Posting
welcom to Linux - Enterprise. This forum is for questions relating to the usage of Linux in business environments as part of the IT deployment. An "enterprise" is generally considered any business that has an office with their own equipment and has customers coming through their doors. Often times when IT and marketing folks talk about "enterprise grade..." they're talking about medium-to-large enterprises, and there is a separate category for the smaller shops (called "SMB" or "SME" [Small-Medium Business, Small-Medium Enterprise]).

Practically speaking, this can be anything from setting up file servers, print servers, intranet servers, etc on Linux right down to deploying that much overused buzz-phrase "Linux on the Desktop" in a corporate environment.

If you run a business and you're considering a Linux deployment, or if you're an IT professional seeking assistence with your Linux implementation, this is the place for you.

Links to FAQs, HOW-TOs, reviews, etc will be added here "eventually".

NOTE: for our friendly and helpful Linux users of this site, when answering questions in the Linux - Enterprise forum, please try to remember that these people want answers that apply to a business environment, not for messing around as a hobby. Given that, think very hard before you recommend bleeding edges distros and/or releases, very small niche distros, primarily hobby-focused distros, etc. While your personal preference as a hobbiest might be for Distro X, remember that a big corporation is going to be highly skeptical of Linux to begin with, let alone a distro they haven't heard of in the press or from analysts.

Business want things that are
a) Proven safe and stable
b) Well supported
c) Easily manageable/supportable
d) Scalable
e) Cost effective (although almost never "free", because being the skeptics they are, they figure anything free must have a lot of problems)
f) Used by other businesses, especially others in their same "space" (i.e. businesses that do the same thing they do). No one wants to be the first to try something, and that won't ever change.

The above are why lots of companies use Red Hat and SuSE, but none (that I know of) use Gentoo. You might not agree with it, but you will waste your time if your response to everything is "use Gentoo!". Make sure you recommend solutions that will both work, and be acceptable.

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