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goliathlibrary 10-19-2006 12:03 PM and mail marshall
Hey folks,

I am just going throw this question out there and hope for some feedback or suggestion.

I work for a large ISP and we are having an issue with messages that are undeliverable to their designated host. Now whether they are undeliverable becuase of typo in the address or nonexistant user should be irrelevant.

Basically when its undeliverable they are sent back to from our mailmarshall server. Once back on that server they sit in the deffered folder for 2 days and tries to send them out again after a timely period (4 hours I believe). So as an end result we have our legit messages getting qued for long periods.

So what i am looking for is a suggestion or two of what you guys think would be a good solution. I currently have two ideas: a) set a catch all user on our exchange server and tell anything undeliverable to be sent there. b) add another server to the network and tell to send anything undeliverable to that. (not sure if is capable).

Do you folks see any issues/concerns with those thoughts ? Have better solution etc....any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

rough diagram of message flow if successful:

-> -> mail marshall -> exchange

if undeliverable or spam:

-> -> mail marshall ->

Jaqui 10-23-2006 02:30 PM

I've never used post office or mail marshall, but I always set up a default address for every domain, so typo email addresses do get to somewhere instead of failing.
all failed messages could easily be forwarded to the default address.

the problem is, if you have a fairly busy email server, you will have to have someone going through the inbox for the default address looking for where the failed messages should have gone and seeing if they can be forwarded to the correct place.
labour wise, leave it as it is, let the original sender fix the address.
let the original sender realise they are not using a valid address.
the failed message is the only way a specific email address is removed from the spam list(s) so stopping it is not a good thing on any business server.

goliathlibrary 11-01-2006 01:03 PM

thanks for that info. We did end up going with a catch all user and seems to be holding its own for the most part.

Do you if its possible to set a semi-redundant smart relay option for emails. Ex. Users in stateA hit emailserverA, users in stateB hit email serverB. If emailserverA is down, users in stateA should be sent to emailserverB and vice versa. I was researching about smartrelays but i just cant get that info i am looking for. The email servers are actually solaris 8 if that makes a difference. Also these users are all on the same domain.

IF that is possible where would i set this option. Hope this question is clear. Again thanks for your input on my prior question.

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