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m3lyan 12-01-2010 02:50 AM

LVM migration
i need ur help plz on linux

i have
vg01 have 16 disk with 4 lv ( all lv stripped)
vg02 have 16 disk with 4 lv ( all lv mirror)
i want to restructure the volume groups

i want to add 4 disk to each vg
and move all logical volumes to these 4 disk
then vgreduce to move 16 disk out of vg
can i pvmove from 16 disk to 4 disk
for stripped lv
and for mirrored lv
what the procdure
and what the restrection

is it possible
i dont wana create new logical volumes
i want to keep the old one thats why i wana use pvmove
plus they have RHCS and service guard cluster on these redhat machine
they have
RHEL 5.4 5.3 5.1 4.7 and 3.6
is it possible
keeping same lv and using pvmove for striped lv or mirror lv

robertSF 12-07-2010 03:55 PM

A though one..

First of all, are all these LVM's running on LVM2?

Without going to all this hassle, I think there is a smarter way to deal with this.

The smartest way I think...

Add these 4 disks give them VG names like VG1 and so on for your needs (don't use the real names yet, if it is running on one machine you'll be lost) create LVM's with there real names and same size on these VG's (they have different VG names so it doesn't matter).

Use something like rsync or cpio -pudm (be careful with that used wrong it will destroy your data).
After you use lvrename to rename vg01 and vg02 to VG100 and so, then use vgrename to rename VG1 and so on to vg01 and vg02 VG names, if something went wrong you can always go back!!!

Your done and everything works? You can run lvremove, vgremove and pvremove to finally remove your harddisks, your downtime will be controllable, and I think it is the save way to deal with this issue. if you can bring the LVM's down one after the other you could use dd to get the data over from one LVM to the other.

If the LVM's can't go down for a long time keep on using rsync to keep the downtime to a minimum.

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