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tovohery 08-08-2007 09:44 AM

Looking for oracleasm package 2.6.9- x86_64
I'm working with Red Hat entreprise linux 4, could someone give me a link to download the rpm package related for 2.6.9- x86_64?

Any help?
Thanks and regads.

yanik 08-09-2007 12:52 PM

Google is your friend.

tovohery 08-10-2007 01:02 AM

Which of them I have to installed because I receive the following error message when installing the oracleasm-2.6.9-55.ELsmp-2.0.3-1.x86_64.rpm package

[oracle@SPREPROD 10gR2_db]$ rpm -Uvh oracleasm-2.6.9-55.ELsmp-2.0.3-1.x86_64.rpm
erreur: D├ępendances requises:
kernel-smp = 2.6.9-55.EL est n├ęcessaire pour oracleasm-2.6.9-55.ELsmp-2.0.3-1.x86_64
I think it's not related to 2.6.9- x86_64.


yanik 08-10-2007 07:13 AM

Which kernel package do you have? What's the output of:


rpm -qa|grep kernel

tovohery 08-10-2007 08:42 AM

I have the oracleasm-2.6.9-55.ELsmp-2.0.3-1.x86_64.rpm from oracle site.

[oracle@SPREPROD ~]$ rpm -qa|grep kernel


yanik 08-10-2007 09:02 AM

that's odd, redhat's latest kernel is 2.6.9-55.0.2.EL, not 2.6.9-

Oh, I think I see what's going on, you're not using a stock RHEL4, you're on Oracle Enterprise Linux, right? If so oracleasm should be in your yum repo. Can you check that out?


yum search oracleasm

tovohery 08-10-2007 09:08 AM

Right, I'm using oracle enterprise linux.

[oracle@SPREPROD ~]$ yum search oracleasm
There was a problem importing one of the Python modules
required to run yum. The error leading to this problem was:

No module named urlgrabber

Please install a package which provides this module, or
verify that the module is installed correctly.

It's possible that the above module doesn't match the
current version of Python, which is:
2.3.4 (#1, Mar 20 2007, 17:34:08)
[GCC 3.4.6 20060404 (Red Hat 3.4.6-3.1)]

If you cannot solve this problem yourself, please go to
the yum faq at:

What should I do now?


yanik 08-10-2007 09:17 AM

I wouldn't know. I guess you have a support plan with oracle? With RHEL you can log in the redhat network and see every packages available. Does Oracle have a similar infrastructure? If so log in and look for urlgrabber and python.

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