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ipstacks 10-12-2005 12:31 PM

Linux 4 auth/XP policies/file sharing
I am in the planning stages of deploying some servers. I would like to accomplish the following:

Authentication via LDAP / Pgina (client)
Distributing XP policies via nitrobit
File sharing via SAMBA
Phones via Asterisk (seperate sever).
Firewalls via Astaro (this is done)

I am considering which distro I should put on the server and am thinking RedHat, Centos or Novell SuSE. I am posting this to see if anyone has tried this or even parts of it. Any comments would be helpful to me. Thank you.


wwnexc 10-12-2005 10:21 PM

No offense, but i actually preferr windows servers (2003 family isn't all that bad) for domain controller. This is the

1) easiest way
2) almost guaranteed it works
3) will be set up faster, and probably easier to maintain and MS-update
4) well, oo times as expensive :-(, because linux is free :-)

If you do in fact have the time, knowledge and skill to set up the linux server to accomplish that, congratulations! Let me know if it works, i really am interested!

For the other servers, run them on slackware (or similar) and use samba etc...

I have a web, mail, ftp, and file (samba) server(s) running on slackware. The best distro ever!! Slackware is nice and customizable, in contrast to novell's suse, redhat, which is now 1/2 way commercialized, and other "workstation" distros. The servers will probably not need a great (CPU and resource extensive) GUI.

Hope this helps

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