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research2004 04-30-2004 01:45 AM

How to Startup Oracle Listener In the Linux Cluster Environment
Simple Scenario

I have 2 machines. Both Machine installed with Redhat A/S 2.1.

Server 1 = Installed with Oracle Application Server 10g
Server 2 = Installed with Oracle 9i Database
Storage MSA500

Both server were using Linux Clustering. When I shutdown the Server 1. I will assume Server 2 will take the job.

The problem I facing was when I shut down Server 1, the server 2 Listener did not get started! Was it my script not running or somewhere else has the error.

Hope someone give me hinting of this problems


edwar64896 05-01-2004 11:30 PM

I can only answer this question from the perspective of VERITAS Cluster Server - which is the enterprise clustering technology I know and most often use. Clustering at this level relies on a number of "resource management" concepts. At the VCS level you would be looking at "resources" (monitored by agents), and "Service Groups". Resources have 'dependencies' within Service Groups and Service Groups can have dependencies between each other. The behavior of each resource depends entirely on the way it has been configured within VCS.

Where Oracle is concerned, you would have single service group with two major components - the Oracle DAtabase itself and the Oracle Listener. The database would depend on a number of resources - mostly storage related, however the Oracle Listener would be dependent on the Oracle Database. Without the Oracle Database present, the Oracle Listener would not come online.

I cannot speak for the clustering technology you are currently using, as you have provided no configuration information, however VERITAS Cluster Server has a specific "Agent" for Oracle which knows about all the processes that need to be monitored on a SID by SID basis in order that service group high availability can be achieved.

Hope this helps in some way


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