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floorripper 02-21-2012 03:21 AM

Zyxel G-4100v2 | pyramid linux install | wireless hot spot
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I hope that I am in correct category here.
We have more that 200 Zyxel G-4100v2 routers in our company. Open & DD-wrt is not supported here at all.
There are serious issues with original OS, so I've decided to put inside our beloved linux. I need to pretain, hot spot functionality "captive portal" & "splash screen".
That should be all possible with pyramid linux.

1. Main concern is to erase flash and put inside linux, problem is that this stable mounted in so we cannot use CF Writer.

2. Our option is to console to zyxel and force it boot from the network linux.
That should run smoothly with soekris boards. But no one has ever tested it with zyxel.

I we cannot to connect to this device via console. It seems to be that it is "FAKE" port reserved for future use with serial printer. I have already submitted question to Zyxel, but we all know how long it will take (if ever) to answer.

1. which cable should we use, it is a standard NULL-modem cable, with standard pinout?
2. If not which cable should we use?
3. What is the console port settings (baud rate and so one)?

I've tried several combinations, but none worked.

3. Do you have any another idea how can I put the Pyramid linux in?
There is also a web interface from where you could upgrade normal firmware. But that has and extension *.bin and we need to enter whole system and boot statements.
I thing I am ended here, do you have any questions?
I am attaching 3 images.

Please advice.


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