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tqcenter2002 07-06-2010 10:19 AM

versaTRAK IPm Controller
Hi to all experts,

I have a SixNet versaTRAK IPM controller that have 5MB free. I need to make it send an e-mail upon error exceptions - I was trying the following:

mini_sendmail (with no luck! :( it looks like it needs the sendmail deamon install and on vTRAK there is none of that).

SendEmail also with no luck - Perl is not install with all it's libraries so I have got so many errors using the SendEmail.

I have tried to look for a code in JAVA and thinking on installing the j2me and Runtime for it to work ( I got lost and confused).

I think that I need a code in C so I could use it to send emails.
can some one have this kind of code to I can use - a PURE code that does not use any other API (if it realy needs an application I would be glad to know how to install the API also)
- I have already found codes that uses the mailx command - BUT with no Luck - there is no mailx at /usr/lib directory of vTRAK.

Can some one help me with a C code so I could compile using powerpc-linux-gcc compiler?
the Linux version that the controller have is: 2.4.18 for PowerPC (ppc).

may I add that there is no APACHE server in the vTRAK controller.

I have tried to compile by myself Socket programming and with no luck! please help me out here - It compiles fine on my Linux RH but not with my Controller with PowerPC using the powerpc-linux-gcc compiler! some header files are missing or wrong type. 14/07/2010

Please help me out here :)
Thanks for any help in advanced

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