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jaguzu 08-30-2012 09:06 AM

tips - tcp/ip-framework for embedded linux
I have been assigned a project where i need some advise. I have an embedded linux system which i want to update with a communication framework (tcp/ip). the specifications:
  • Open source commercial
  • c++
  • intra-process, intra-machine, inter-machine
  • also work on linux/windows desktop for unit-test
  • due the embedded system the frameworks size has to be lightweighted.

Any suggestions that supports the criteria above, or suggestions on where to start get information about things like this? I'm new to this so I feel a bit lost.

Thanks in advance!

theNbomr 09-03-2012 05:47 PM

Why would you want to do something like that? TCP/IP is built into the Linux kernel already. Replacing it with another TCP/IP stack would be difficult, at best.
What do you mean by 'also work on linux/windows desktop for unit-test'? Are you saying that what you're looking for also has to to be portable to Windows? That sounds somewhere close to impossible, since the TCP/IP networking stack in Windows can't be extracted and replaced.

None of this makes sense. What are you really trying to do?

--- rod.

kakaka 09-04-2012 12:16 AM

Hi jaguzu!

Are you looking for something that could be more or less classified as a messaging system that:

1) works over TCP/IP
2) is "commercial grade"/"high quality"
3) can be interfaced to from C++
4) has different versions available which are designed work on either on
Embedded Linux, Desktop Linux, or MS-Windows
5) anything that can be done with normal built-in OS tcp/ip socket based
communcations, could be done with the add-on product.
6) has software development oriented "value-added" features, perhaps such as being able
to "pretty print" message structures while inside data buffers/queues, etc.

Is that roughly what you need?

Or, are you just looking for something where perhaps you have the same/consistent
interface, without having to worry about what OS you're using?

To give us all a common point of reference, if you look at the I/O capabilities
of the Boost C++ libraries, what sorts of features would you need beyond what's
available with Boost?

jaguzu 09-08-2012 03:52 PM

Thanks for your replies! I'll try to clarify what I mean if anyone read this again :)

I have an embedded system and want...

Communication with a higher abstraction than tcp/udp including:

top requirments:
- Serialization
- Work on linux and in c++.
- Open source for commercial.

Yes I have started to look att boost.asio now but of course i want other to compare with.
Haven't figured out if boost has the serialization?

Thanks! :)

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