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pillisrikanth 09-12-2012 06:40 AM

Pandaboard i2c4 Level Shifter
Hi, This is SrikanthPilli. sorry about my english. i am working with pandaboard[Cortex-A9]. My aim is provide the i2c data communication between pandaboard to c8051f301[silab] micro controllers. Here master is Pandaboard and slave is c8051f301. For i2c communication, in pandaboard support 1.8v[scl,sda] for communication and in c8051f301 supports 3.3v/5v[scl,sda] for communication. for communication between of these two, i was used MOSFET and TRANSISTORS level shifter circuits. when i write data from panda to c8051f301 through level shifter circuit, data write failed. i thought my level shifter/level translator circuit is not correct. so kindly suggest me the best level shifter/level translator circuit to achieve my problem. Or else give any better solution to my problem

Thanks in Advance

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