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theNbomr 11-13-2007 09:37 AM

Linux on MVME162
Anyone here using Linux on the MVME 162 platform (Motorola 68040 CPU on VME bus, for those who don't know)?
I am looking at Linux as a possible replacement for vxWorks. Application probably doesn't require hard real-time, but there will be a number of drivers to port. If anyone has done such a migration, how much effort was there in migrating drivers, especially those that access VME memory? What memory footprint does Linux require? My existing boards are 64MB. Is this big enough to support the OS + significant applications? What development environment do you use? Do you use the Debian distribution, or are there others that I haven't found yet? Has anyone got ucLinux running on this platform? Any other questions I need to think about?
--- rod.

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