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mgrunt 03-06-2014 07:30 AM

Kernel update ARM AML8736-M3
Hi all,
I have this device

I install alternative firmware from here: (XBMC Linux)

Works fine, bad have two defect:
1) have problem with composite TV out (probably wrong resolution parametters in kernel)
2) kernel probably haven't full MXL101 DVB-T tuner driver integrations - I see /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0, drv0 etc. bud not frontend0

I download a kernel source from here:

For compilation I use meson_reff16_defconfig file (from arch/arm/configs). Before compilation I edit this file and add MXL101 support (CONFIG_AM_MXL101=y).

When kernel compilation ended I change kernel (overwrite file uImage-2.6.34) in ZIP file alternative firmware. I don't know what other way to get kernel to the device... Then I flash the device.

Bud After reboot when I look through UART what doing the device I see u-boot log and then Unpacking kernel... Starting kernel... and thats all.

Where is mistake?

Thank you for answers

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