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dpdonny 01-04-2013 04:49 PM

JFFS2 Garbage Collection causing mtd do_write_buffer timeouts?

My first be kind.

Some data:
- proprietary board with ARM processor booting out of NOR flash
- Linux kernel 3.1.0
- BusyBox v1.19.v
- JFFS2 mounted mtdblocks
- using JFFS2 for disk-like storage of images; not using JFFS2 for
root file system (that's in RAM)

I am seeing intermittent mtd do_write_buffer() timeouts when un'taring a large file (10MB) directly to flash and believe the cause to be a mutex issue with jffs2 garbage collection daemon.

Flash status returned in chip_ready() (cfi_cmdset_0002.c) when the timeouts occur indicate "Erase in progress" (DQ3=1, DQ2 toggling, DQ6 toggling), which shouldn't be the case when writing the flash. My guess is there is a mutex issue occurring with the jffs2_gcd_mtdX when it's erasing a block it recently collected.

I've killed the gcd thread and am currently re-running my test. I've yet to see a timeout.

Would jffs2 garbage collection erase contend with a write operation (especially when the write is large and takes a while)?

So should garbage collection be turned off when doing large writes to flash?

Thanks for reading this far...

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