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Pluvius 08-06-2012 05:10 AM

Installing Embedded Linux on Relio R9
Hello everyone,

I guess that the title says it all but I'm gonna go into more details to explain my problem, so please bear with me:

I've been assigned the task of installing a Linux embedded system on a Relio R9 (please click here for more details).

Here's the catch, although it is stated on the Sealevel website that the aforementioned computer is linux compatible, it comes with WindowsCE already installed on it and I'm trying to find a way to replace it.

What I've done so far:
-I've figured out that the three main components for booting windowsCE are on the SDcard: BOOT.bin, EBOOT.bin (obviously for Ethernet boot) and NK.bin (which holds the OS). I've tried replacing these with u-boot binary and uImage but when I start the board through JTAG, I get "romBOOT>" and then it hangs. I concluded then that there's an underlying mechanism that's already in the romBOOT that starts the WinCE system (stage 1 bootloader?)

- I came across a tool called DiskPrep by Microsoft which prepares your SDcard/NAND Flash to boot with NK.bin and EBOOT.bin, after inspecting it it turns out that it creates a BOOT.INI file where it stores crucial lines like


# Default file to launch after delay timed out


That's why I'm suspecting it to be laying somewhere on the romcode but I could be wrong.

If anyone has some piece of advice, it would benefit me greatly.

Thanks in advance

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