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chinabenjamin66 11-12-2012 01:20 AM

How to extract u-boot-nand.bin and uImage v5.2?
Hello friends,

I extracted several files from Android firmware package, they are ramdisk.img, system.img,userdata.img, u-boot-nand.bin, uImage v5.2.

ramdisk.img, system.img, userdata.img have been extracted. can anyone explain what are u-boot-nand.bin, uImage v5.2. and how to extract u-boot-nand.bin and uImage v5.2?

I can provide you properties of those files:


root@gpl-vm:/GPL/test/ufsd/pearl/PX-8690/7800HB-german-20111011/ubootnand# file u-boot-nand.bin
u-boot-nand.bin: data
root@gpl-vm:/GPL/test/ufsd/pearl/PX-8690/7800HB-german-20111011/ubootnand# cd ../uimage/
root@gpl-vm:/GPL/test/ufsd/pearl/PX-8690/7800HB-german-20111011/uimage# file uImage\ v5.2
uImage v5.2: u-boot legacy uImage, Linux-, Linux/ARM, OS Kernel Image (Not compressed), 2448712 bytes, Tue Sep 27 12:47:13 2011, Load Address: 0x40008000, Entry Point: 0x40008000, Header CRC: 0x03EC7F58, Data CRC: 0x30CB4469

Any ideas and reply will be appreciated.

elucches 11-15-2012 06:58 AM

I don't know about Android, but u-boot-nand.bin is the bootloader (, (that goes into the NAND Flash in your case) to boot the system, and uImage is the kernel image that U-Boot loads. (When you compile the kernel, you use mkimage -a U-Boot utility- to create uImage.)
Best regards,

theNbomr 11-16-2012 08:33 AM

Not sure what you mean by 'extract' in this context. Those files are object code, created by compilers, assemblers and linkers. As such, they cannot be decomposed in the sense of an initrd, which is a filesystem in a file, as you discovered in a previous post. It may be possible to disassemble the object code to some kind of assembler language source code, but you would have to know something of the target architecture in order to do so sensibly. The tool objdump, if created for the correct target architecture, may reveal some information. You cannot reverse the compilation process of high level languages.
--- rod.

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