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onebuck 11-30-2012 12:06 PM

Arduino Teaches Old Coder New Tricks

Arduino Teaches Old Coder New Tricks

I became aware of the Arduino Project from occasional media reports and a presentation at Atlanta LinuxFest 2009. I was impressed with what the Arduino community was doing, but at that time, I saw no personal use for it. It took a grandson who is heavily involved in a high-school competitive robotics program to change things for me. During a 2011 Thanksgiving family gathering, he asked me some questions about robotics-related electronics, and I told him to google Arduino. He did. Arduino ended up on his Christmas list, and Santa delivered.
I would be more helpful in assisting the grandson's Arduino efforts if I understood more about it myself, so I ordered a couple Arduino Nanos and some peripherals, such as rotors, servos, ultrasonic sensors and LCD displays, and dug in. I now had a purpose for using the Arduino and a reason to dust off my soldering iron. I used a breadboard for testing, as shown in Figure 1.
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