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BlackFooted 11-08-2012 05:40 PM

Approximating Valleyview GPU Performance
I'm aiming to develop an application targeting Intel's Valleyview platform, which will come out in around 10 to 15 months. I need to optimize graphics quality vs. performance for its integrated HD graphics.

My question is: what graphics hardware could I use today, for testing, that would (probably) match the Valleyview graphics performance as closely as possible?

I'm going on this limited understanding of the Valleyview graphics hardware:

- '"4x Gfx performance" compared to current PowerVR-equipped Atoms' [1]
- Ivy-Bridge graphics core, but with 4 Execution Units rather than 16 (HD 4000) or 6 (HD 2500), at a lower (unknown) core clock-speed

I realize that there are other variables, and that there's no certainty here. I'm trying to make an educated guess. Ideally I'd be able to guess roughly where this GPU would fit on this "Graphics Card Hierarchy Chart" [2].

Would an available integrated Atom solution (e.g. nVidia ION2, nVidia GeForce GT520) fit the bill?


More details if required:

The application is an OpenGL 3D terrain fly-over with no particle-effects... that's it. Resolution would be 1280 x 800.

No hardware has been selected yet. For the CPU: preferably a current-generation higher-performance (relatively speaking) Atom CPU. E.g. the Atom D2700.

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