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JonL 07-28-2012 01:15 PM

Alix 1D GPIO controlling

I'm using an Alix 1D board for my system, and I'm trying to use its' GPIO header to control this relay board (

Well, I know that the Alix can drive the relay board properly, because if I change the GPIO pin's value on the BIOS, the relay opens/closes accordingly.

Anyway, I'm not able to control it using the /sys/class/gpio fs.

The cs5535-gpio module is loaded, I set up the pin for export and set it for writing (out).

Assigning a value (1 or 0) to the pin doesn't operate the relay board at all.

Kernel is v3.2.17.

Any help?

JonL 07-29-2012 11:03 AM

Well, this is weird...

Just noticed that when I send high (1) or low (0) values to the GPIO pin, I hear a small beep from the buzzer... The relay doesn't change at all.

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