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onebuck 11-20-2012 06:57 AM

'Linux Kernel 3.7 Will Support All ARM Platforms'

Linux Kernel 3.7 Will Support All ARM Platforms

Great news, guys, it was just announced that the upcoming Linux 3.7 kernel will incorporate support for multiple ARM System on Chips (SoCs) platforms.

Having all ARM platforms supported into a single kernel package is an amazing piece of news for everyone, from end users to Android and ARM-based hardware manufactures.

“This is a pretty significant branch. It's the introduction of the first multiplatform support on ARM,” said Olof Johansson in the Git commit page. “And with this (and the later branch) merged, it is now possible to build one kernel that contains support for highbank, vexpress, mvebu, socfpga, and picoxcell.”

Until today, all ARM platforms are separated in Linux kernel, kept into their own directory, under mach-<mach>/include/mach/* and each one had to list the device trees in order to compile for its boards in mach-<mach>/Makefile.boot.

They now need to move out to a common location instead, and this branch moves a large number of those out to include/linux/platform_data. It's a one-time move and once it settles in, we should be good for quite a while,” stated Olof Johansson, the lead developer for Chrome OS kernel (x86/ARM).
When Linux kernel 3.7 is out, it will first support the following ARM platforms: VExpress, Highbank, SoC FPGA, Picoxcell and Mvebu. But support for more ARM platforms will be added to next releases of the Linux kernel.

onebuck 12-11-2012 07:37 AM

Member Response: Linux 3.7 released

Linux 3.7 has been released on 10 Dec 2012

LinuxChanges from KernelNewbies;

Summary: This Linux release includes support for the ARM 64 bit architecture, ARM support to boot into different systems using the same kernel, signed kernel modules, Btrfs support for disabling copy-on-write on a per-file basis using chattr and faster fsync(), a new "perf trace" tool modeled after strace, support for the TCP Fast Open feature in the server side, experimental SMBv2 protocol support, stable NFS 4.1 and parallel NFS support, a new tunneling protocol that allows to transfer Layer 2 ethernet packets over UDP, and support for the Intel "supervisor mode access prevention" security feature. Many small features and new drivers and fixes are also available.
Please wait a while until release is available on the mirror(s).

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