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Siljrath 07-05-2012 12:39 AM

witch - install gentoo with an easy script
thought i'd take a moment make a thread about witch (who knows, might even attract some more developers).

i'll try to be brief, and skip the witch history n philosophy n all that stuff, for once.

currently, i've been working on the "witchcraft" script, which, among other as-yet unatained goals, (such as iso remastery and custom user "desktop-environment" installation), will guide the user through a gentoo instalation.

plans to also add the option to build from a funtoo base, exherbo, freebsd, debian, and more.

but for now, it's just a gentoo installation script... ...and it's nearly working too!

if you want to check it out, take a look in #witchlinux on (or even use this handy little webchat, if you dont know what to do with an address that starts irc. ), a quick look through our (sloppy) README (now inc testing tips/suggestions), and the extensive comments in the script itself, should fill you in with what you need to know (and likely a lot that you dont need to know too).

do take heed the part that says: written by digit. most ambitious project yet.

so ambitious it really shows how sloppy and attrociously embarrasing my bash skills are. anyways, i've been debugging it a fair amount recently, and i think it's getting close to useable. LOADS of room for improvement past my festival of bork n kludge.

at time of writing, the rebrowserise branch is latest, though that'll likely change back to the master branch in a few minutes or hours. best to check in irc what's the latest.

okies, enough waffle. see you in #witchlinux. :)

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