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valnar 08-21-2006 08:24 AM

Whoppix / WHAX replacement?
It doesn't appear this distro is around any more. Their web page is not available.

Is there another current distribution that does the same kind of network analysis and security auditing?


twilli227 08-21-2006 10:42 AM


BackTrack is the result of the merging of two Innovative Penetration Testing live Linux distributions

Whax and Auditor

trubled 11-04-2006 05:42 PM

WHAX Is fine and just having relocationprobs i think..maybe dont care for sites ..BUT - look in /special-editions/ ;-)

This is a fgood little section, and i would try fdind yourself a copoy of Whoppix v2.6 and up, is older but its bice n stable, as for others:
yes as the moderaot said there isa a release you can get through THIS website wich is called 'BackTrack' , have NOT used it yet, am downloading it i will be happy to review it.. most the LiveCD distros are usually a comno of Knoppix and then can be usually slack or any decwnt reliable o/s.
1. ARadius O/S
2. React O/S - not somuch like whoppix but, if you ever want to make your own, check this out.
3. KCPentrix Pntest CD - pretty good system
and lastly i would look at
4. Auditor 2005 / 2006 - very good

Also to name the only others in existence apart from not this ArchLinux - Blackhat edition' , could be a boot sreen but whoever does have a legit version, od love to see it shared )please :))))
Now owner of, and hopefully itwill stay as a slax and also xbox slax (exists), so am getting php stuff together and will be speaking to the devteam and will try get any help i can directly from the makers,cheers
DX 72570

space203 11-21-2006 01:48 AM

Actually backtrack is SLAX based :P

trubled 11-22-2006 12:40 AM

Indeed :)
OK, yes sure i understand your point and am donloading now, , will actually be a host mirror to my own ircd mods, and also to some other distros wich, i will now name:

1.Arch Linux 1.7 (BlackHat edition) *NOTE: I am Searching for this still,
I know 1.7.1 is OK,but i need the latest if its around or ill torrent-hunt.

2.VectorLinux (as noted by another member) is untested to me,
I assume tho Slax is similar so its got a thumbs UP from me sofar!

3. ZenWalk v3.0 2006

4. h4l 3.0 - Yetanother LiveCD! like slax etc.

5. m0n0wall 2006 - a GREAT wall used with most blackhatters

6. Crux 2.2 - Untested (as yet) But author gave me an indication it would be like 'Aradius' wich is alittle like slax :s prolly not the first choice atm.

7. SharkCD 3.0 - Again untested (dont let names fool ya)

8. Aradius Pentest CD (Unsure of version atm): not bad atall ;)

9. HELiX Release (Author wrote me begging me this was about as close they could get theyre dists to any whoppix like)

10. Rock 3 - Untested , sounds abit .mm.. i dunno.. to many copies of whopp :'(

11. WarDrive CD 1.0 - there IS a Wifi hacker-cd..and its Open SRC to..worth a d/l for those who have a laptop/pda-ph and/or wana learn about arp poisonin'.
There is many many more, GOOD distors, BUT you will also find, the best are often made up of components,like Vector etc, wich is why theyre so cool as Livecds but maybe not as great as a stable dek. bUT, a nice size mem usb card, and you can even load all older payloads etc from older whoppix.
And YES , i dont know why it went down but, i even had sent them donations.. BUT, i dont mind, the distro, still lives in mirrors etc.
One tip, grab Mozilla addon 'googledork' , and try using that inurl: whoppix 2.6 rc.

Whoppix 2.6 RC1 and RC2 I still have as ISO :)
These wll be getting mirrored, I am just doing a Site Update to some software (php code broken allowed for almost a local nuisance =p).
Also, ANY strange and out there, asin I have a private Wardriving v1.0 CD , also will be held, anything ISO wich is TRUE qualty, and I mean, NOT shitty atALL, these will ONLY be reviewed and uploaded if theyre good!
The space is ready, the bandwidth and site, (its next to unlimited on 100mbit line , with 2 shells to makesure it stays UP i hope!) - heck im goin to be doin some Blackhatters here a huge one when this takes off :)
I aint lookin to profit a cent, as i hate US based schemes for ads (coz i aint citizen of usa sucks ;p).
OK, i will always keep things Posted, regards,

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