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deliriously 04-14-2004 12:40 PM

Which distro would be ideal for...
Hi, I'm new to this forum!

Anyway - the question :

Which distro do you think would be ideal for a dual-boot system (the other OS being Windows 98SE) on a *tiny* LAN, ie 2 PCs (the other PC just running Windows 98SE)?

The dualbooter-to-be is a Pentium II, the other a K6-2, both online via dialup (crappy old stuff, I high-end distro for me then I suppose.)

I want the dual-boot PC to be able (in Linux mode) to provide Internet Connection Sharing and File and Printer Sharing for the other PC (as it does with Windows currently) but at the same time disallow any sharing to the internet (again, as currently) and be firewalled and secure - hopefully to a greater extent than it is now. I've heard all this and more is possible - but how easy is it to set up properly, and to secure properly?

A potential issue (so I've heard) : the PC in question has a Turtle Beach Montego II sound card. Are there problems? Is there a solution?

All advice welcome. If there's any other info you might need to be able to suggest an ideal distro, please let me know.

And thanks to anyone patient enough to both read and reply to this post. :)


Megamieuwsel 04-14-2004 01:43 PM

With a question like that ,you're in for some heavy advertisement by several "Distro-Zealots".[;)]

That aside:
Given the info on your system , I'd say "Go Slackware" for it's damn complete for a distro , very light on your hardware.
Takes quite a bit of reading-up though , so be prepared to spend late hours , gazing at your monitor.
One convenient PRO : Their official forums are on this same site.
Good luck and if you manage Slackware:
[/plug]Try VectorLinux and their friendly forums [/plug]

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