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slimick 08-05-2013 05:18 PM

Where next with linux?
I have used Red Hat versions from 2.1 (distributed on floppies) via RH 9 on to Fedora 14.
I converted to Fedora 16 and tried 17; I am not happy with either.
My complaints are primarily the switch in user interface between 14 and the newer ones.
Since this is my 27th or so year with RH, I am still using the text interface.
My question is What Next?

My primary jobs are documentation (vi and Latex) and
providing a platform to teach CS 101 where I teach g++, fltk, Open GL, and some
simple packages (like nano).

My platform this fall is a four processor AMD AM3, 8 GB, 100 MB network, adequate
graphics, etc. The students programs are entered and run over a 100 MB network
(dictated by the school)

So which version of linux should I go to next?

john slimick

ReaperX7 08-05-2013 05:29 PM

I've been in your shoes before so I know how you feel. Finding a new distribution that is just right is a daunting task because just about all the mainstream distros are fairly much all the same minus some differences.

Red Hat, Ubuntu, and the likes of them all fairly much have the same features with a different header attached to the paperwork.

My suggestion... break the mold of mainstream and go with a more minimalist distribution.

Distros like Gentoo, Slackware, and such reduce the overhead and mainstream grind and dregs of a standardized Linux distro, and keep it simple for you.

I distro hopped several mainstream distros before I settled into Slackware and literally found it to be the most UNIX-like Linux distribution out there that actually made me feel I had a hand in part of my distro, not some point-click-and-go toolkit.

Since Slackware, I've tried Gentoo, but found it to be fairly much overkill, but very BSD-like with features, however, my mainstay now, actually is my custom built, LinuxFromScratch I'm still working on using Slackware to chroot into it until I get the kernel finished.

Also, you may even want to give FreeBSD a tryout.

Just always keep your options open.

DavidMcCann 08-06-2013 12:15 PM

I took one look at Fedora 15 and said "Not on my computer you don't!" As you see, I'm happily using CentOS. I find I haven't the patience for systems that lack the Red Hat tools; but then I haven't the patience for vi either.

snowpine 08-06-2013 12:19 PM

Hi John, the old interface (Gnome 2) has been "forked" to the Mate desktop. Mate is available for most distributions these days. You might also enjoy Xfce desktop, or possibly even the "classic" mode of Gnome 3. Alternately (please do not be angry that I suggest this) you might recognize that some changes are inevitable in 27 years, and embrace the new desktop that your students will enevitably encounter in their careers so that they are prepared for the future.

Fedora (as you have discovered) is the bleeding-edge test-bed for future RHEL releases. I think you would be very happy with the more stable Red Hat Enterprise Linux or its free clones (CentOS or Scientific Linux). RHEL is a very conservative distro with the familiar Gnome 2 desktop and many years of support. I personally use and enjoy Scientific Linux 6.x. :)

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