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tardkitten 11-23-2004 02:48 AM

What's the best distro for a Gateway M305CRV Laptop?
I'm really frustrated (and embarrassed to have to ask a question like this). I want to switch over to Linux, but I don't want to end up burning a lot of cds, or reinstalling windows repeatedly while trying yet another Linux distro.

The specs for the laptop are easy to find by googling the laptop. =) I'd post the url, but I can't. =)

I thought I'd ask here in case someone(s) have had experience with this. I'm more than willing to try out a few...I just don't want to end up trying a bunch and ending up so frustrated by the process I just give up and go back to Windows.

My laptop is my only computer at the time that will burn cds, so I'm sort stuck with wanting to "do it right the first time".

(I have tried other distros in the past with my old desktop pc, so I'm not inexperienced with Linux, just inexperienced with picking out a distro that will work with a laptop with propriety stuff that could possibly be a bit of a bother.)

Jmcatch742 11-29-2004 05:32 PM

If its an old computer try mepis or ubunto and do the minimal installation, slackware would be great but you kinda have to be familiar with linux to install.

If its new, then go for fedora or suse, mepis could also work. do full installations for all, or custom

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