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KenJackson 05-22-2017 10:36 AM

What happened to the Trinity Rescue Kit CD?
I ran across a link for the Trinity Rescue Kit, a rescue CD, but the site seems to be down. There's even a Wikipedia page for it.

Is it temporarily gone, moved or permanently gone? Anyone know?

Timothy Miller 05-22-2017 10:50 AM

According to DistroWatch, it has been discontinued and the last release was 2010


Feature 3.4
Release Date 2010-08-16

OS Type: Linux
Based on: Mandriva
Origin: Belgium
Architecture: i586
Desktop: No desktop
Category: Data Rescue, Live Medium
Release Model: Fixed
Status: Discontinued (defined)
Popularity: Not ranked

un1x 05-22-2017 10:57 AM


KenJackson 06-03-2017 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by un1x (Post 5713780)

Yes, I've been a fan of System Rescue CD for years. Though 5.0.0 doesn't have the grub2 packages installed, which I need. (I just now noticed they've released 5.0.1--I'll have to check it out.) Also, it's just nice to have alternatives.

Finnix used to be a good alternative, but it hasn't been updated in a couple years.

Last night I created a Fedora live USB, which I intend to try to use as a rescue CD with grub2 today. Maybe any live distro could be used that way.

frankbell 06-03-2017 09:46 PM

This is what I heard at the time:

TRK had only one maintainer. TRK fell victim to Windows Secure Market Share--er, secure boot--and to increased responsibilities in the maintainer's personal life which kept him from devoting the time to adapt it to secure boot's UEFI.

The last I heard, the maintainer hopes to get back to it if and when he can.

TRK was a nice piece of work.

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