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carioca 07-26-2010 03:09 PM

We just released the new epidemic gnu linux now with zen kernel

Dear Forum,

To whoever interests.

Great news! Kudos to the Epidemic gnu linux is better and better, now with the most optimized zen kernel. Now becoming the first brazilian rolling release distro!View at

Another good news is The Epidemic GNU / Linux 3.2 comes with the very latest in desktop environments, with KDE 4.4 and Compiz Fusion running directly from the LiveDVD, provides an easy and fun way to interact with the windows system, also providing speed and utility, and some stunning effects.

The Epidemic 3.2 Beta 1 is released today on July 26, 2010. Among the main features:

1 - small ISO with about 800 MB;

2 - eMorph, an application designed to work as a second step in the Epidemic intallation process, allowing extendender or remove functionality with just a few mouse clicks;

3 - eUpgrade, an application to facilitate the Epidemic update, which will enable make it a rolling release distro;

4 - KPackageKit, instead of Synaptic, as the default graphical package manager;

5 - LXDE as an option for lighter and system maintenance in the event of a fall in KDE;

6 - New Kernel 2.6.34-epidemic, with a series of improvements for better performance on desktops (based on the Zen kernel );

7 - Several enhancements in the existing applications such as Einstaller, ESU, ePlymouth, eXorg, etc..

8- English, spanish and portuguese versions.

9- with smxi/sgxi support.

Get in touch with us who can tranlate to the german and other languages.

Please visit our new english support forum at

main page at (with english/spanish/portuguese) at

The Epidemic gnu Linux Team.


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