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scuffell 06-19-2006 02:30 PM

system freezes randomly
Hi there,

I've just installed a new motherboard/CPU/graphics card: A Geforce 6300, AMD Athlon 64 3200 CPU and Foxconn NF4ST-A8 motherboard.

I reinstalled Gentoo with the 64-bit edition, but it kept when I logged into kde. Then I tried KUbuntu to no avail. I've also tried 32-bit knoppix 4.

When the system freezes, the keyboard stops responding, however the mouse can still move. You can't click on anything, and the whole screen locks up. I cannot change console with ctrl-alt-f1 or do a ctrl-alt-del. It appears to be completely random - the CPU temperature is remaining at around 40C.

I have seen a few other people have problems with this but I haven't seen a fix.

I have no idea where to start at the moment, so what I would like to know is if anyone else has had this problem, or can tell me where to look for xorg and kernel debug logs to see if it is bringing an error. I have a funny feeling its a hardware issue though.

Thanks in advance,

johnson_steve 06-20-2006 06:45 PM

My desktop does this sometimes (less than it used to.) X would lock-up but the mouse would still move. I can log in over ssh and reboot just X seems to lock.

Read my sugestions here:

starting with post #9
Hope it helps.

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