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mwettach 05-10-2004 07:00 AM

Suse 9 live - more space for external /usr directory?
The SUSE 9.0 Live CD will use space on the HD if it finds a partition (non-ntfs) it can write to. It creates a file


(size 100 MB) on the HD which contains a Linux ext2 filesystem and into which I can install software, store user files, etc.

Does anybody know whether the default size of 100 MB for this file can be changed (e. g. with a boot option) to, say, 1000 MB?

Perhaps I can change the file size afterwards, with some clever *nix shell commands?

There is a description of how to create a file that contains an ext2fs file system at this link:

Can I use this procedure to create a new, larger file and mount /usr there afterwards?

And by the way, does it have to be /usr for software installs?
In other words, does it matter *where* I install software in Linux?


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