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Garp 05-27-2004 11:09 AM

Suse 9.1 aacraid ... on startup?
I'm struggling to get aacraid to go on startup. I've installed Suse 9.1 Pro on an old Dell Poweredge 2400 box, which uses a Dell Percraid controller to controll the SCSI drive array, and provide a hardware RAID 5 array.

To be frank its a bit of a pain in the arse to install Suse 9.1, I had hopes they might have sussed this by now, but to get it to install you need to kick in the graphical interface, abort to get to the command line interface, then load the aacraid.o module, then get it to start the installer again. After that install proceeds smoothly for the first CD, at which point it reboots the system. You' d have thought they'd have configured it to use the aacraid.o module by this stage, but it doesn't :D
So you go through the first stage again, abort and re-do the whole select aacraid.o module, then get it to kick in the installed system.

The rest of the install proceeds without hassles. Only by the end of it it still hasn't sussed that I need aacraid.o to boot linux. :scratch:

My first stage, having discovered this, was to recompile the kernel, cutting out a load of junk and explicitly compiling the aacraid.o module into the kernel.

Still didn't work.

Tried it as a module. Still didn't work.

I'm using the mkinitrd command to make sure that is up to date wiith my setup, using the syntax from 9.0 of (where kernelname is the name I've chosen for my rebuild): mkinitrd -k bzImage-<KERNELNAME> -i initrd-<KERNELNAME> -b /boot

It runs through that and I see that its loading the AIC7xxx.o module into the initrd that I need for the system to see the CD-ROM drive.
Maybe if there is a way I can tell initrd explicitly what I want in it, and add aacraid.o it might work?

Anyone got any other ideas?

TongueTied 06-27-2004 05:53 AM

Iíve noticed something similar. I am trying to install SuSE 9.1 Pro on a Dell PowerEdge 1400. I am not using the onboard SCSI but an Adaptec SCSI RAID card. During installation, 9.1 tells me I donít have ANY hard drives connected!

Furi0us 07-19-2004 02:33 PM

suse 9.1 percraid
I had a similar issue and here is how I resolved it.
1. Boot from cd
2. load necessary modules by hand, in this case aic7xxx,aacraid
3. mount up all of you fs' to the appropriate mount points.
4.edit /etc/sysconfig/kernel
(the line your're looking for is..)
INITRD_MODULES="aacraid aic7xxx jbd ext3"
(you can add others but this should be enough)
5. run mkinitrd and reboot

thats it! hope this helps

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