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linuxfreak 05-07-2002 09:15 PM

Microsoft at least openly admit they want you to pay for their products, but if you try to find information about how to acquire Suse you just get a load of bullshit right in your face. They don't say "you have to pay for it", instead they say "we don't offer ISO files online". Who are they kidding???

While MicroSoft build their products on mostly their own code, all Suse does is redistributing a bunch of free open source software with a price tag. Not because they don't have time or resources to offer ISO files, but because they refuse to let anyone get their distro without paying for it, and would sue anyone's ass for doing so just like Microsoft would for their XP.

I really hope Suse is not the future of Linux, cause then the future of Linux looks pretty bleach. They should look at RedHat and Mandrake, which make profit not on forcing people to pay for their distros, but on voluntary donations, technical support etc. while still offering their products for sale the regular way for those who prefer boxed versions with manuals etc...

ronss 05-08-2002 03:27 AM

houdy- i get the drift. linux was suppose to be free, open source, not sure if it will continue to free, well, debian is one that i can think of that will always be free i believe due to the volunteer thing. mandrake is in financial troubles at the moment, believe they will survive. i really like mandrake, but my mouse doesn,t work to well with it.

i have just upgraded to red hat 7.3 from 7.2 with iso download, it was free.

i quess i don,t mind paying suse $39 for the personal, i always get the professional though. still, you got to agree that $39 is better than paying $150-$200 that micro$oft wants for a complete system.with the $79 i paid for the proffesion, though i am ticked i didn,t buy it from amazon for $64, suse will continue to offet a quality product.

it,s nice to get stuff free, iso,s,and it was suppose to be that way with linux, guess this is the changing of times.

sapilas 05-08-2002 05:51 AM

well the thing with suse 8 is you pay 48 delivery home of prof edition. AND you have all the available software that you can possible use. No need to reconnect and download extra software.

While with windows you pay extra for the OS, extra for office packages extra for photoshop...... EXTRA EXTRA... and then you are out of money :(


CARTMAN 05-08-2002 08:46 AM

You can sell LinuX as far as you give the *complete* source code with it. It doesnt conflict with GPL at all.

ronss 05-08-2002 08:58 AM

interesting, did not know thing if for sure, my 3 computers and all the software i have has put me in the poor house!!i don,t tell people how much i have spent on my unsatisfied hobby with computers.

crashmeister 05-09-2002 12:58 PM

I did read that Suse doesn't include things like make and gcc in the defaultinstall with 8.0
Is that really the case?

sapilas 05-09-2002 01:53 PM

I did read that Suse doesn't include things like make and gcc in the defaultinstall with 8.0
Is that really the case?

crazy people sometimees say crazy stuff....

I don't remember.. I installed Suse twice. First time I spend 2 minutes in the packages and second time I spend 20 mins.

both times I had gcc and make installed..

It depends I you select compact installation you get what you deserve...

However if you have any problem you just
~# YaST2
and you select additional software you might wanna install...

(insert the CD )

crashmeister 05-09-2002 02:38 PM

Yast2,well - that's the other point that keeps me from upgrading to 8.0. Had nothing but trouble with it with 7.3

sapilas 05-09-2002 02:47 PM


I used it many time until now in suse8.

to install aviplay, emu-tools,and more
unistall vmware..

It works fine (like windows add remove programs)

TRUST IN :Pengy:

linuxfreak 05-10-2002 01:10 PM

Got one question for you all...

Is there anything in the Suse license prohibiting the purchaser to install one single legally bought copy on an unlimited number of computers, one's own as well as those of friends etc?

I mean, for Windows it's very clear that it's a personal single user license and that you would have to buy a group license in order to install Windows on all computers in a network....

Really want to know :)

rshaw 05-10-2002 01:15 PM

you can install it on 1 or 1000.

sapilas 05-13-2002 07:21 AM

some day I hope that day never come......

we will have to pay for linux too....

Then I will install DOS ver 6 .... again.. :(

MarcoSV 06-13-2002 08:38 PM

Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to Linux.
I have read all messages posted here. I have a problem installing the downloadable SuSE 8.0 Version.

I downloaded the 3GB plus approx. suse 8.0 to harddisk, and already burned the Boot ISO to start installation.
I have 2 Partitions, one NTFS, one FAT32 and there is an Unlocated space ready for SuSE =)
I choose installing from Harddisk, so I specify the hda2 partition (FAT32), and the whole path /suse/i386/8.0.
Installation starts then it stops displaying a message that hda2 could not be mounted!
I drives me crazy! I don't have another PC so I can try SMB... so anyone can advise me on how to do so correctly???
I have read that no SuSE ISO images are available for download. I guess the majority of files must be the same and on the CD's distro.
Is there a possibility to get a text file with the List of the right structure to put back together files and burn them to a CD so you can install from CD instead of the Harddisk way???
SuSE ISO are illegal, but... if you downloaded all files from how can you put them into a CD so they work fine???
I'd appreciate any help. I've tried before Mandrake 8.2. 3 ISO's download and the job was done.
Thank you guys.


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