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aherm 04-15-2003 08:35 PM

SuSE 8.2 Live Evaluation Now Available
SuSE 8.2 Live Evaluation Now Available at these location:

oops the other ones are secret because I just downloading it ;-)

Have a lot of fun :-)

aherm 04-17-2003 05:59 PM

Hello everyone, I'm posting this comment from SuSE Linux 8.2 Live-Eval CD! It works great, fast and beautiful. Looks more polished than my 8.1 and seems a bit faster too. It loads faster next boots :-)

There is a faster mirror at:

Fonts are better renderred and accessible from the start. OpenOffice (or is it soffice ;-) works with antialiased fonts but Kword has more fonts (+- 50 fonts half of them ttf) and runs much faster. One font is not properly rendered tho :-(

Icons are slightly better than 8.1 and bigger is some menus (like in Control Centre it comes with back button -> more polished than my stock KDE 3.1.1 :-)

"Start" menu is much cleaner and icons look sharper (few icons in some sub-menues are missing tho -> just like stock KDE 3.1.1 :-)

Windows decoration is slightly better than 8.1 but windows borders (left and right) are still rather tight so rather difficult to resize using my mouse :-(.

My linux and windows partitions (reiserfs, ext2 and fat32) are automatically mounted and accessible. I can copy some goodies from this CD setup to my linux. That make this CD as a good rescue disk :-)

Most of my hardware are detected and configured including USB scanner. Integrated sound works in stereo, video card, monitor, mouse, keyboard, CD writer, DVD, the only thing left unconfigured is my webcam :-(

There are some other goodies (many apps), just try it to find out yourself.

Have a lot more fun :-)

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