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N.Vinodh 11-14-2006 01:13 PM

suitable linux os.
my system has poor configuration with 128mb RAm and 450mhz processor. so you please provide me a suitable linux os as i am very found in linux and its utilities. also i am a born baby to linux so provide me with suitable guiedlines. thank u.

b0uncer 11-14-2006 01:44 PM

First advice is: buy more RAM. It's not that expensive to buy something like 256M more, but it makes a huge difference to the amount you have. Next advice: pick up a distribution that has, or confiure the one you install to use a lighter desktop environment than KDE or Gnome that are the most common. Switching the desktop system will reduce the amount of resources needed to run the system - X and desktop environment are the two biggest resource (especially memory) consumers on a regular machine.

Xubuntu, Zenwalk Linux, these two at least are great if you're low on specs, if they just run on your pc (I'm not sure, but at least Arch Linux which is good too, won't run on too old hardware - it's i686-optimized). But as I said, virtually any distribution will do if you just switch the desktop environment after/during install (XFCE is good for a desktop, if you can't cope with WindowMaker or Fluxbox).

2damncommon 11-14-2006 01:54 PM

Take a look at Vector Linux.

Sir Loin 11-14-2006 02:05 PM

I have a computer with 192 MB of RAM and a 550MHz processor, and I installed Ubuntu just fine. The only problems I had was the crappiness of Ubuntu. Although, still the best distro I've tried. I say go with Ubuntu.

jacook 11-15-2006 04:29 AM

feather Linux

Vector Linux 4.3


Puppy Linux



you can find more here

davecs 11-17-2006 05:21 PM

I'll echo the advice to double your RAM. Almost any distro will work on your rig if you have enough memory, in my preferred distro, PCLinuxOS, you can install the OS in 10Gb if you're really pushed, you didn't say how big your Hard Drive is.

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