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bcottam 04-12-2004 07:13 PM

running applications from one Linux build in another Linux build
hi all,
This is the first time I have posted anything on a forum, so forgive me if I breach some kind of ediquite.
Ok, here is the issue: I have SuSE 9.0 and Java Desktop (built on a SuSE kernal). I want to execute some of the programs in SuSE from Java Desktop but can't seem to do that.
For instance: I like Konqueror, but I can't get to it from Java Desktop. Also (and more importantly) if I install something on SuSE I want to be able to run it on Java Desktop without having to install it again on the other partition.

I can mount the SuSE partition without a problem and write to it, but I get "permission denied" errors when trying to run programs. I have the permissions set correctly (I think) and the "x" tag is set on the executable files that I want to run, yet I still get a "permission denied" error when attempting to run applications.

any suggestions would be appreciated.



mrcheeks 04-12-2004 07:52 PM

you should have read of java desktop(what i call gnome with theme) integration and related articles before buying it. If you didn't i suggest you read it again, reviews, etc...

bcottam 04-13-2004 01:08 AM

I am not going to be heart-broken if I can't get it to work. I didn't buy the Java Desktop, I got it free from a Java Users Conference, so really, it is just an add-on. I am (unfortunatly) more familliar with windows and I am trying to get some of the tricks down in Linux and this is one of the ones that would make life a little more simple for me. I don't want to have to install applications twice (and take up twice the space) if I can avoid it, there are things that I like about both the Java Desktop and SuSE. I would be handy to have the benefits of both in one simple place, that's all.

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