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rolando 10-09-2004 06:43 PM

Rock Linux -- does it rock ??
I was just browsing and found a promising new Distro called Rock Linux.
I checked it all out and it seemed to be a good choice for a decent download.
It just seems to have extended support for primarily newer systems such as P4 or Athlon XP in the 32Bit environment.

As to speak, i grew up on Mandrake and similar configuration Wizards..

So here´s the question: is it a decent choice against Archlinux, which is too hard yet to being understood by mine. Can a normal user get ahead and set up a running system ??

here´s the link:

Thanks for listening soo far..

ferrix 10-09-2004 10:17 PM

First of all, Rock Linux isn't new - in fact, next to Sorcerer, Rock is the oldest source-based distro. Second, to be honest with you I think that if you find Arch too difficult, you'll probably be lost with Rock. And unlike Arch, Rock does not have reasonably friendly forum and mailing list where you could turn for help.
I would encourage you to have another look at Arch, which is actually not that bad at all!.

But coming back to Rock, its real power lies in the concept that user downloads the Rock script, and uses it to build their own system from sources. This is a pretty advanced thing to do :) But yes, it is possible to get a pre-buit set of isos, and it is reasonably easy to install a system from these. Be warned these pre-made isos are a little bit behind the latest and greatest, compared to some other distros.

I would suggest reading the Rock handbook you can find on their site - skimming through should give you a pretty good idea whether this is something you want to attempt at this stage.

rolando 10-10-2004 01:52 PM

I just tried Rocklinux

i get it up and running on || init 5
so i am quite confident putting it on my main
pc to use it as a decent choice.

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