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IceNineJon 06-14-2002 08:08 PM

RH 7.3 upgrade and the kernel?
I've never upgraded a distro before so I have two questions:

1) Will the upgrade overwrite any of my files (ie. documents, scripts I've written, or config files I've changed)

2) What will the upgrade do if the kernel I'm running in 7.2 is newer than the one on the 7.3 CD (which I think it is)...will it keep my new one or use the newest one on the CD?

Thanks for any help,

coder2000 06-15-2002 11:45 AM

1) it will not overwrite your own programs or files. It will however change programs with newer versions and add some new programs.

2) you can have more than one kernel installed on a linux system so it will probably just added and you can choose on boot which kernel to use.

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