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CORMEAU 02-28-2002 12:35 PM

RH 7.2 up2date probs on vintage PC
I am a newbie running RH7.2 kernel 2.4.7-10 on a vintage 486 with 64 Megs RAM and 2.5 Gb HD., as well as on another decent PIII with lots of RAM. Got rather unstable system on the 486 (with TUI only), one Segmentation Fault per 24 hours on the average. I read that might be due to swap space problems with this kernel.
When trying to update to 2.4.9 kernel from RH Network using
up2date -p --nox
up2date -u --nox --tmpdir=/usr/tmp
I get the following :
Loading list of all available packages....(OK)
Removing installed packages from Updates list ....(OK)
Removing selected packages ...(OK)
Getting headers for available packages ...
This last stage aborts 3 seconds after it has started, with a
Segmentation Fault.
Note that there are 670 Mb available on /usr/tmp so I don't think
there is any temp disk space problem. Doing exactly the same on the 1GHz PIII with 512 Megs worked just fine. So where's the problem?

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