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linux_inst 08-26-2003 06:54 PM

repaint problems with pop-ups, menus
I'm having a strange problem on my Red Hat 8.0 workstation (HP XW4100 with an Nvidia Quattro graphics card). My system was working fine for several weeks but one day, after someone turned off the power on this system without a proper shutdown, the system came back on with a problem with repainting pop-up windows such as tooltips, pop-up menus etc...

For example, if I select a pop-up menu in Gnome using
the right-mouse button (or selecting the menu from the toolbar), the pop-up menu will not disappear
from the screen after making a selection or clicking outside
the menu . Same thing with tooltips or pull-down menus
in some applications. Refreshing the desktop or putting another window on top of the previous one will clean the display.
It looks some internal "refresh" function does not.

I have verified that this is not a problem specific to Gnome. I tried
with KDE with the same results. It looks to me like an Xwindows problem.

I'd like to avoid reinstalling my system. What can be corrupted
in Red Hat 8.0 that could cause such a strange behavior?

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