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lonestarbacon 10-06-2002 03:06 PM

Redhat 8.0 Kernel panics during install...
Hi all. I recently downloaded the ISO's for Redhat 8.0, burned them, verified them. I've used these CD's to install on a couple of computers, but this is the first one with SCSI. I have a gigabyte motherboard with a P3-1.2Ghz chip, 512 Megs ram, and 5 SCSI hard drives. When I boot from the CD it gets to the "Loading SCSI driver" "Loading aic7xxx driver", and then kernel panics. Unfortunatly I can't read most of the panic as it goes off the screen.

This last time it said "Kernel Panic: for sa" on the right side of the screen, and on the left it said "ety". So I assume it was "For safety". Other times it has said something about what I believe to be transversing, but it's cut off as well. It does it in the same place every time. I've tried disconnecting all my SCSI drives, booting from a floppy, etc... I'm about ready to chuck the CD's in the street.

Thanks everybody, I appreciate the help in advance!

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