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Jonasx 01-23-2004 10:46 AM

Recommendation for a 32mb RAM install
Hi all,

I have a laptop (celeron 400, 32mb, 2 gig HD) that I need to set up to add to my basic, take along network kit. Just for telnet via serial ports and basic TCP/IP. Mainly to provide an interface to routers and switches. Can anyone recommend an out of the box, tiny distribution that fits these circumstances?

Thanks Much

BrianNJ 01-23-2004 11:04 AM

peeps here are big on vector linux, but i've never used it.

e1000 01-23-2004 11:17 AM

vector is great in my opinion, but a more networking oriented distro is pebble linux (i think thats how to spell it) its less than 50 megs, so no GUI, but its got a bunch of advanced networking tools and im sure that telnet or sshd could be installed with no problem (if theyr not already installed).

Jonasx 01-23-2004 11:54 AM

Just grabbed vector and installed..looks like it will do nicely for what I need.


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